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I just want to talk and discuss about Islam and other non Islamic organisations like Ahmadis/Qadianis who portrayed them in a guise of Muslims to deceive and betray all human society as its a well known fact their forefather who claimed to be their prophet was planted by British in subcontinent to uproot soul of JIHAD From Muslims . Jews are Jews , Christians are Christian ,Hindus are Hindus so should be Qadianis (Non Muslims) My aim is to discuss Islam with any Muslim or Non Muslim who want to talk and want to know the reality of Islam. that's it ! Let Me welcome all of you interested with good faith . 

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Disclaimer: Please note this is not an official transcript of the program.

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Disclaimer: Please note this is not an official transcript of the program.
Its sole purpose is to relay the conversations aired on the program to the
non-Urdu speaking public. The translators have endeavored to render
the program into English in an accurate and unbiased manner and
take full responsibility for any unintended errors in translation.
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
(Begins with Durood) With Aalim Online, Liaquat Hussain is present in your service.
Respected viewers, the Holy Quran instructs in Surah Ahzab, verse 40, "Muhammad, peace be
upon him, is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allah and the Seal of
the Prophets; and Allah has full knowledge of all things." This majestic and blessed verse of the
Holy Quran is a witness to the Khataman Nabiyyeen (Seal of Prophethood) of the Holy Prophet
Muhammad's saw and a solid reality. However the Muslims' belief and creed is that every
Kalima sayer who seeminly recites the Kalima will be considered within the circle of Islam, even
if the reality is it to the contrary. Whoever recites the Kalima is considered a Muslim and it is an
article of faith to consider them favorably. Allah knows best what is in their hearts. This matter
is left to Him. Just as the Holy Prophet did not stop those hypocrites who accepted the invitation
to Islam & recited the Kalima from entering Deen-e-Rasool (Islam) until the time came from
Allah and they committed such actions which revealed their hypocrisy. In Surah Munafiqun, we
read in the 1st to 3rd verse:
“When the Hypocrites come to thee, they say, 'We bear witness that thou art the Messenger of
Allah.' And Allah knows that thou art indeed His Messenger, but Allah also bears witness that
the Hypocrites certainly are liars. They have made their oaths a cloak; thus they hinder men
from the way of Allah. Surely, evil is that which they have been doing. That is because they first
believed by their tongue and then disbelieved with their heart. So a seal was set upon their
hearts and consequently they understand not.”
Viewers, in Sahi Bukhari the Prophet for all the World, pbuh, says that: “Prophets lead the
nation of Bani Israel (the Children of Israel). When a Prophet passed on, another Prophet would
take his place as his successor. But there will be no Prophet after me.”
Similarly it is written in Sahi Muslim, Tirmidhi Sharif, and Ibn Maja that the Prophet Muhammad,
pbuh, said: “I have been granted 6 distinctions over Prophets- first, I have been given the ability
to speak concisely and completely; secondly, I have been granted an aura of awe from which I
have been given victory; thirdly, booty has been made lawful to me; fourthly, the earth has been
made for me a mosque and a means of purity, meaning in my Shariat (code of laws based on the
Quran) Namaaz is not limited only inside the designated place of worship, but can be offered
anywhere on the earth and if water cannot be found then in my Shariat, tayyamum and ghusl
(full ablution, ritual bath) can still be performed; fifthly, I have been made Messenger for all the
world; sixthly, the succession of Prophethood has ended with me.”
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In Musnad Ahmad, Nasa’i Sharif, and Abu Da’ud is contained, the Holy Prophet, pbuh, has said
that “after me there is no Prophethood, only glad tidings. They asked, O Apostle of Allah, what
are these glad tidings. He replied a good dream or virtuous dream.” Meaning, there is no
possibility of revelation. At the most, if a sign is received from Allah, it will be in the form of a
good dream. Viewers, in the holy life of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, an accursed man by the
name of Musailima Al-Kadhdhab announced his Prophethood equal to the Holy Prophet, pbuh,
which was a clear violation of the Holy Prophet’s, pbuh, Khatm-e-Nabuwwat (Finality of
Prophethood). Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, ordered him to stop his false faith and the accursed
man repented for a time from his accursed claim. But after the passing of Holy Prophet, pbuh,
Musailima Al-Kadhdhab convinced a thousand people from his tribe Banu Hanifa of his false
claim to Prophethood, and began preaching this false invitation. Almost all of the tribe of Banu
Hanifa accepted the claim of Musailima Al-Kadhdhab, and this matter was a time of worry for
Ummat-e-Muslemah (the Muslim nation). For Syedna Siddique Aqbar, raziAllah taala anho, this
was also a moment of trial of his intellect and sagacity. How could it bearable for the Rafiq-e-
Nabuwwat (the companions of the Holy Prophe, pbuh), that someone make a false claim of
Prophethood equal to that of the Holy Prophet, pbuh? While declaring Musailima Al-Kadhdhab
and his tribe apostates, Hadhrat Abu Baqr Siddique ordered Jihad against them. Similarly, on
another occasion Syedna Ali, karam allah wajhu, declared as kafir (disbeliever) the outcast sect.
The sect, believing that the rule will only be Allah’s in all matters, denied the authority of Syedna
Ali. Over this matter (of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat) they tried to sow discord in Ummat-e-Muslemah
(the Muslim nation), and presented a false explanation of the verses of the Holy Quran. Faith is
the foundation of actions, and when the faith is not perfect, then other actions have no value.
So Hadhrat Ali gave the order of slaughter against them. Hadhrat Ali’s faith, raziAllaho anho,
was so firm that he did not hesitate for a moment in raising the sword against the expelled.
Every Muslim, viewers, holds complete belief in Khatm-e-Nabuwwat, and presents a practical
meaning of this couplet:
Until I do not fight to the bitter end for dignity of the Chief of the Universe
God is witness, my faith cannot be complete
After the establishment of Pakistan, viewers, in this beloved country too, mischievous forces
have begun to deceive simple-natured Muslims and have steadily strengthened their roots in
this young country. However, those with firm belief in Khatm-e-Nabuwwat, the lovers of
Prophet, pbuh, started an extraordinary scheme against them. Many Mujahiddeen
(warriors/crusaders) have laid down their lives in the line. 7 September 1974 was a historic day
when the government of Pakistan declared these Mirzai non-Muslim and included them in the
minority. Today we are refreshing our memory of that day. With us on the phone line at this
time is present a very respected personality, you work with Maulana Abdul Hafeez Makki. He is
the vice President of the scheme of which Muntazim-e-Aala (chief director) Maulana
Muhammad Makki is the head/patron, meaning the International Khatm-e-Nabuwwat
Movement, you are its vice president. Its president is Abdul Hafeez Makki and its chief director
is Maulana Muhammad Makki.
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We have with us right now via telephone from the Holy city of Makkah, Dr. Sayeed Ahmad
Inayatullah Sahab. Dr. Sayeed has been actively participating in delivering lectures on Prophet
Muhammad’s, pbuh, life and his sayings (Hadith) in Madarsa-e-Saulatiya for the last 30 years.
We have him on the line right now. Assalamo Alaikum!
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad Inayatullah:
Wa alaikum assalam warahmatullahe wabarakatahu, Dr. Sahab, how are you?
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
I am fine by the grace of Allah and thank you for your prayers. And you, Dr. Sahab, are you
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad Inayatullah:
Alhamdolillah, I am fine too.
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
Mashallah, first of all, you are talking to us right from Makkah and on the top of that we are
fortunate to be talking to you today. We are talking about Khatm-e-Nabuwwat; so Dr. Sahab I
would like to know from you what this Khatm-e-Nabuwwat scheme is, how the motion began,
and why do we feel the need for this motion today? I mean if we see these sects, these fitnay
(seditions) are not really raising their heads nowadays, so if I ask you if we still need this motion,
what would you say?
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad Inayatullah:
Actually the thing is - first and foremost, being close to the Holy Makkah, I would like to wish
all the viewers a very happy Ramadhan and may Allah bless them all, and I would also like to
congratulate you and Geo for drawing attention of the viewers towards such an important topic
like this in this holy month. May Allah bless you all for this gesture.
Actually, when Allah, Lord of all the worlds, has declared Prophet Muhammad as Khatam-unnabiyyeen
(according to him: the final Prophet) already, and when Allah has declared him to be
the one who would bring divine messages and had also testified that his teachings would
safeguard Islam, then there was no possibility for anyone else to raise their head and claim any
further prophet hood (Nabuwwat) after him. Please note- that still, some fake prophet had
tried to reveal himself. And fake prophets always mend their paths by misguiding through
misinterpretations. If I could make you understand what misguiding/misinterpretation (here)
means then perhaps you will understand the need for this scheme as well.
Misguiding/misinterpretation means presenting the facts in such a manipulated way that it
takes you away from its actual meaning. For instance, while talking about Khatm-e-Nabuwwat,
it will always be mentioned that after Prophet Muhammad no other prophet could come; but
adding further onto that by saying neither old nor new, is like manipulation. When Qadianis talk
about their Nabuwwat (prophethood), they don’t just stick to the facts but they manipulate it.
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And at different times these people act differently. So it is very important for us to first identify
what is the current pattern of their actions on this matter, so that we can educate the Muslim
body about what they are saying and doing at this moment.
Let me tell you something, that recently, they have started a new TV station, which is also seen
in Makkah, in which, despite believing in Mirza sahab’s claim on prophethood, they don’t even
talk of him as a Prophet at all, they rather call him Masih-e-Maoud alaihissalaam or Mahdi
alahissalaam (meaning: The Guided One, on whom be peace). They try to show that they accept
him as Messiah or Mehdi, and it is Mullahs’ concern who relate him with prophethood and to
make an issue out of it. Please note that they would never say the way we say the name of
Hadhrat Muhammad Rasoolullah.
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam (peace and blessings be upon him).
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad Inayatullah:
Why don’t they call him like this if they believe he is a prophet? So despite of the fact that they
believe Mirza Sahib to be a Prophet, but they say Hadhrat-e-Masih-e-Maud Alaihissalaam (The
Promised Messiah and the Guided One), even today. So according to me, Qadiani is such a fitna
(deception) that it always requires an eye to be kept on by the true Muslims.
Today let me brush up the history once again when this fitna was declared a Non-Muslim
minority and I want to draw your attention to this and tell you what benefit it had. I think this
day is the ‘Day of Victory’ in the history and future of Pakistan. And what I mean by past and
future, I would like to explain this in a few words. From the history’s perspective, in the
beginning, Qadianis were propagating that we are just like the other Muslims, we read Quran,
pray 5 times in a day, we perform Hajj, and we believe in all the pillars of Islam, and anyone who
believes in all the pillars, how could you declare us to be kafir (non-Muslim)? That was such a big
deception! But these duties are to be fulfilled once the basic fundamental of Islam is satisfied, of
which Khatm-e-Nabuwwat is the most important one. If they don’t have belief in Khatm-e-
Nabuwwat, then Namaaz is not obligatory for them, then why perform Namaaz? Then reading
the Quran is not obligatory on them, so why read the Quran? (When they are already wrong on
this fundamental aspect, then their saying Namaz and reading the Holy Quran holds no
significance because they are not supposed to do this at all.)
These things were not hidden from our religious scholars of the society, but these Qadiani were
misguiding general population by regarding it as an issue seeded by the Mullahs. But when their
leader Mirza Tahir and all our Muslim scholars from all the different sects presented their
arguments before the Parliament, and after everyone unanimously confirmed this motion
against Qadianis in the Parliament, only then people of Pakistan were able to understand the
fact that this was not only a problem for the Muslim Ullema (religious scholars) but also for the
national culture that such an issue reached the Parliament.
Let me give you one more example; in the beginning when Mr. Zafrulla was the Foreign Minister
of Pakistan, in those days the ambassadors of Pakistan in different countries were either
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Qadianis or they were pro-Qadianis. My senior told me that at that time when we would go out
of the country and tell the ambassadors that these Ahmadis were not Muslims, they would deny
and say that we think they are and are just one of the many sects of Pakistan. But after the
incidence of 7th September, the amendment served the benefit that even those ambassadors
who work for the government after all, had to accept the fact that it is against the law of
Pakistan for Qadianis to call themselves Muslims.
So this is why I believe, 7th September is the ‘Day of Victory’ not just for the past but also for the
future of Pakistan and for safeguarding Khatm-e-Nabuwwat as well. And since Qadianis keep
changing their character at different times, just like I told you about their TV channel in which
they never talk about Mirza being a Prophet, but they say he was a Reformer, Friend of God or
the Guided One, which all stand at a lower status compared to a prophet, just to face lesser
consequences. So at different times they keep changing the style of their course of actions
which the knowledgeable people need to understand and pass on to the general public. And as
long this fitna is present, and even a single Ahmadi is present on this earth, we need to reject
them, Dr. Sahab, maybe you and your viewers have understood what I am trying to say here.
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
Yes, I’m sure.
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad Inayatullah:
That’s necessary and besides this, they have been already declared as Non-Muslims.
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
Yes, you are absolutely correct. Many thanks for calling us and talking with us and MashaAllah
you have conversed with us in great detail about this. Viewers, here we will take a short break
and after that InshaAllah we will talk more with Maulana Syed Shah Turab-ul-Haq Qadri Sahab
on Khatm-e-Nabuwwat. I am sure you will stay tuned.
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
Welcome to Aalim Online, and at this time we have present with us via telephone line, the amir
(leader) of Jamaat-e-Ahle Sunnat and distinguished religious scholar, Allama Syed Shah Turab-ul-
Haq Qadri Sahab. Asslamo Alaikum.
Allama Syed Shah Turab-ul-Haq Qadri:
Yes! Wa Alaikum Assalaam. Are you doing well?
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
Yes, by your prayers. How are you, Alama Sahab, good?
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Allama Syed Shah Turab-ul-Haq Qadri:
Yes, Dr. Sahab, fine Alhamdolillah!
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
MashaAllah. Allama Sahab! You also have suffered many hardships for Khatm-e-Nabuwwat
Movement; you have arranged lots of meetings and rallies and have proved yourself as the true
devotee of the Holy Prophet, pbuh. I want to ask you as today is being celebrated as Khatm-e-
Nabuwwat day, are such fears and risks are present as can be a threat to the title of the Holy
Prophetsa as Khatamun Anbiyya? Is someone still trying to do the same and are such seditions
still raising their head?
Allama Syed Shah Turab-ul-Haq Qadri:
Yes, yes you have highlighted a very considerable fact. First of all, I congratulate you and Geo TV
to transmit the program on the same date. Today is the day, Sep. 7, when a special committee
of National Assembly passed this resolution that Qadiani are a non-Muslim minority. It
happened on Sep 7, 1974.
The risks that were present before were eliminated to some extent when Qadiani were declared
non-Muslims. The risks are still present outside the Pakistan in abroad, for example, when
Qadianis were declared non-Muslim, they transferred their Headquarter from Rabwah to
London. Obviously, London was behind this entire plan. There is a British report, “The Arrival of
British Empire in India” which depicts this whole story: how British Empire looked hard for a
false prophet and convinced Mirza Sahib to do so, and so on and so forth. After that, this issue
was resolved Alhamdolillah when our constitution was amended. You yourself had been the
member Parliament. If you have the time, may I read that clause.
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
Yes, yes please, we have enough time.
Allama Syed Shah Turab-ul-Haq Qadri:
You see, when Qadianis were declared non-Muslims in the constitution, then after it this
amendment was made to the constitution:
The Definition of a Muslim: By Muslim, a person is referred to who believes in the Oneness of
Allah, the Magnificent, has unwavering faith in the Holy Prophet’s, pbuh, Khatm-e-
Nabuwwat, and does not believe in any other person as messenger or religious Muslim. Neither
does he believe any person who in any way re-defines Khatm-e-Nabuwwat and claims
prophethood. Along with this is present in class B, that by definition, a non-Muslim is he who is
not Muslim, such as one who is a Jew, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Parsi, anyone from the Qadiani
group, or Lahori group – that is legally there – anyone who calls themselves Ahmadi or go by any
other name.
After this issue was resolved, it affected the constitution in a way that it was formally added to
the oath taken by the President and Ministers, though not member parliaments, that he should
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have unconditional faith in the finality of the Prophethood of the Holy Prophet, pbuh. Then all
those key posts such as are in the ministry of Defence, Law, Foreign Affairs, and Khazna, should
not be given to Qadianis. Furthermore, such posts as Commander-in- Chief, chiefs of Army, Air
Force, Navy should not be with such persons. Now what happened is that the movement
[Ahmadiyyat] has spread out of Pakistan to other countries and too these people have started
the trading of the Muslims. They have established their large centers and as you now being a
person from media that they have a channel that continuously transmits their message which
misleads the Muslims. That TV channel is shown to the people in the houses at various places.
Thus, risk factors still exist. Then the governments do not seriously act upon what they have
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
Yes.. Shah Sahab, you’re voice doesn’t seem to be reaching us.
Allama Syed Shah Turab-ul-Haq Qadri:
As our penal code has been amended and it is there that they cannot call their worship places
Masjid, cannot recite Azaan, and cannot preach openly. All such actions as are associated with
Islam as saying Salam, writing Bismillah, are prohibited. It is the religious duty of the
Government to enforce this law which it has not done so far.
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
Yes, okay.. Shah Sahab, would you like to say anything further?
Allama Syed Shah Turab-ul-Haq Qadri:
It is the need of hour to implement [these amendments]. Even still they [Qadiani] establish their
centers in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad and have continued their Tabligh activities. Thus,
there is ample need to watch over them and it is the responsibility of the government. Thus
these risks and fears which you brought up, are still present despite the amending of the penal
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
Okay Shah Sahab, if I were to ask you- How should an ordinary Muslim react? What should be
his line of action when he finds out that such ‘fitna’ (anti-Islamic forces) are raising their head?
Being an ummati and being a staunch devotee of the Holy Prophetsa and the adherent of his
Sunnah, what should he do?
Allama Syed Shah Turab-ul-Haq Qadri:
In this respect, what the people can least do is that they should not accept their invitations, they
should save their families from getting into this conspiracy, and whenever anyone try to create
any doubt in the belief in Khatm-e-Nabuwwat he should consult his Muslim scholars and remove
it from their minds. So that Allah the Almighty may save them from this fitna (anti-Islamic force).
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A common person can only do this. And as for the top ranking people, their task is that they
should strengthen the importance of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat on such occasions as today and they
should stress the fact that the coming of any prophet after the Holy Prophetsa is false rather it is
the belief of Imam Abou Hanifa which is also the belief of us Sunni that if any person claims to
be a prophet and anyone ask that false Nabi for any miracle, he will be expelled from the circle
of Islam. It is because our prophet is the last prophet, why should there be any need to ask for a
miracle, argument, or proof of being a true prophet.
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
Absolutely correct. Thanks a lot, Allam Syed Shahab Turabul Haq Qadri for conversing with us.
And here with us, as you know views, is Maulana Mohammad Ameen Sahab, associated with
Jamia bin Nooria Al-Aalami. Assalamo Alaikum.
Maulana Mohammad Ameen:
Wa alaikum assalaam.
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
And with him is present Ehle-Tashi’at distinguished religious scholar, Maulana Mohammad Amin
Shaheedi Sahab. Assalamo Alaikum.
Maulana Mohammad Amin Shaheedi:
Wa alaikum assalaam.
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
To both of you personalities, I say finally- welcome to Aalim Online. But here we will take a short
break, viewers after which we will get the view from our respected scholars. And we believe you
will stay with us.
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
Welcome to Aalim Online. Now we’ll go towards Maulana Muhammad Ameen Sahab and ask
him what should the muslims do in order to protect Khatm-e-Nabuwwat?
Maulana Mohammad Ameen:
Bismillah hirrahman nirraheem. The Issue of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat is “ ijma’i” (unanimous). In this
regard, of all the Muslim sects, no sect is such that is against this belief that Prophet
Muhammad, pbuh, was the last prophet of Allah and after him any person claiming to be a
prophet in any way cannot be a prophet and he is a liar and imposter. And this issue of Khatm-e-
Nabuwwat is proved within the Quran and Sunnat. Approximately 100 verses of Quran and a
collection of about 200 hadiths give evidence of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat (Finality of Prophet hood).
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The famous verse of Quran “Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the
Messenger of Allah, and the seal of the Prophets” clearly proves the status of Prophet
Muhammad as the seal of prophets. In the same way all the books of hadiths have narrations of
‘khatm-e-nabuwwat’. Especially in Muslim and Bukhari there are clear sayings of the Holy
Prophet about khatm-e-nabuwwat. Like in the Muslim and Bukhari there is a narration in which
the Holy Prophet explains by giving an example, he says that “someone builds a very beautiful
house and he invites people to look at this house . The house is very beautiful but it does not
have one brick. The onlookers say that the house would be very beautiful if this brick would
have been in place. The Prophet says that I am that brick.” Meaning that prophethood is a
palace that Allah has decorated and its last beautification is the last Prophet , that is myself
(Prophet Muhammad PBUH) and there is no prophet after me.
In the same manner, Muslim and Bukhari mention that, the Noble Prophet, pbuh, said “in
previous Ummas , like ‘Bani-Israel’ (children of Israel) the prophets used to have Political and
administrative authority. One prophet used to follow the other after his death. But after me
there is no Prophet, rather my Khalifas would lead, but no Prophets. Thus this matter is
unanimously agreed upon by all sects of Islam. Now that the matter is agreed upon by all sects
of Islam, if still a person claims prophethood in any form , whether Zilli (non-legislative), Baroozi
(symbolically) or whether he claims it ‘Sarahattan’ (explicitly) , as in all the 3 sects of Qadianis
who have different aspects of belief in the prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. One
of them believes explicitly in the prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed and cancelling out the
last part of Kalima tayyaba “La ilaha illaha, Muhammad ur rasool ullah” believe Mirza Ghulam
Ahmed to be the prophet of Allah.
The 2nd sect of Qadianis, believes Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be a prophet in a matter of speaking
or symbolically (Zilli or Baroozi). As Qadianis lived in India, they picked up some beliefs from
Hindus , who believed in the return of spirits after death in some different form. Similarly they
believe that the Spirit of Muhammad, pbuh, has returned to this world and his Zilli & Baroozi
prophethood has been granted to Mirza Ghulam Ahmed. So anyone who claims of any such Zilli,
Baroozi (symbolic) or Sarahatan (actual) prophet hood, is a ‘Kafir’ (non-Muslim) as per the
unanimous decision of Ummat (Muslim World).
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
Yes, that’s absolutely correct.
Maulana Mohammad Ameen:
In Fatawa Almgiri, it has been written, that if any person calls himself a Rasool (Messenger from
Allah). Look, one meaning of Rasool means, a prophet sent from Allah. In Arabic Rasool is also
mentioned as in a Messenger who brings a message from one place to another. So if any person
who claims to be a Rasool and identifies himself as a messenger and not an actual Prophet of
God, then he is also declared as a Kafir according to Fatwae Alamgiri. Why? Because even
though he is not calling himself an actual Prophet from God, but still if everyone is allowed to
associate this word Rasool with himself, it would lead to further argumentations and
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discussions and would thus endanger the concept of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat (finality of
Prophethood). And any such person who himself claims to be the final prophet of Allah (a
prophet after Muhammad PBUH), is unanimously stated by the Ummat, as a Kafir and Wajib-ul-
Qatal (obligatory to be killed).
And numerous scholars of the Ummat have agreed on this topic. As Ibn-e-Hayan has written
clearly that any person claiming to be a prophet or – he even writes – even considers any Wali
(Saint) as being superior to a Prophet himself, is Wajib-ul-Qatal (obligatory to be killed). Similarly
Qazi Ayaz rehmatullah alaih has also declared such a person as Wajub-ul-Qatal. And the Prophet
Muhammad, pbuh, has called such a person Dajjal (imposter) and kazaab (liar). And so such a
person gets strangled in his own trap.
And if you allow me I want to talk a bit about Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. Now we wholly believe
that every saying of Muhammad, pbuh, is true and that he has declared any person claiming to
be a prophet after him to be dajjal (imposter) and kazaab (liar). Kizb means lie in Arabic, so
kazaab is a big liar, and somebody who is a huge fraud. And if you study the history of all such
claimers of Prophethood in the past, you will see that they are such big frauds in their own
claims and Allah has confounded them in such a way that they have cursed upon themselves in
their own tongue.
To clarify my point I would like to put forward an example of Qadiani. Now Ghulam Ahmed
Qadiani said in his writings that, in Quran there are three cities mentioned by name including
Makkah, Madina and Qadian. Now whole of Ummat-e-Muslima (the Muslim community) knows
that though Makkah and Madina are truly mentioned in Quran, but there is no trace or mention
of Qadian in Holy Quran.
Then in another reference Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani talks about about 3 declarations about he
who lies. First being that a he is murtad (no longer in the circle of Islam). Then secondly he has
written that, lying is such a bad trait that eating feces is better than lying. Like the person who
eats feces is ‘abtar’ (lacking, incomplete, one w/o a progeny), so person who lies is abtar. And at
a third reference he has said that even a ‘kanjar’ (fraud, thief, etc.) or Walad-uz-zina or bastard
(person born out of wedlock), does not lie. So he himself has identified a liar by these three
indications and has declared that a liar is either Wald-uz-zina (bastard) or murtad (apostate). So
obviously since the aforementioned has lied about Qadian being mentioned in the Holy Quran,
and in the whole of the Quran, there is no mention of Qadian, he himself has called himself..
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
..those same three things. Yes, Shaheedi Sahab-
(interrupting him and moving on to the next guest)
Maulana Mohammad Amin Shaheedi:
Bismillah hirrahaman nirraheem. As far as this issue of Khatm-e-Nabuwat is concerned, many
claimers of prophethood were born in history, but died their own deaths in history. Present day
situation is somewhat changed. The western powers thought a lot on how to create differences
among Muslims to weaken their power of Unity, destroy the Muslim concept of One Ummah
T r a n s c r i p t o f A a l i m O n l i n e
A i r e d o n G E O T V : 0 9 . 0 7 . 0 8
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(community), and to strangle Muslims in various irritating issues. And after planning it out the
Western Powers selected certain areas and recruited various personnel, then actually invested
by putting in enough finances on such personnel, with an objective to target the religious beliefs
of the citizens living in surrounding areas and create riots and religious disturbances in their
respective areas among the Muslims.
As far as Qadianis are concerned, they are the same case in Iran where Muhammad Ali Baab was
ousted. Similarly in the sub-continent, where the Muslims are much attached to there religious
beliefs emotionally rather than rationally. To exploit their emotional attachment towards the
religion, the western powers chose a person from among them, from their own culture and
surroundings, who was paid to sow such a seed of division among Muslims. Therefore I believe it
to be a political issue more than a religious issue of beliefs. Because as far as religious belief is
concerned, as Maulana just said, the word Khatm-un-Nabeen, Khatam basically means a ring in
Arabic. In ancient times, the letters written by Emperors were sealed with the stamp of a ring.
Khatam-un-Nabiyyeen was called Khatam for this reason that Hazrat Muhammad, pbuh, was the
final chief and the last seal of the Prophets, and after him this chapter is closed and this matter
has been sealed for good. Now anyone claiming to be a prophet after Muhammad, pbuh, is a
great liar (kazaab)and obligated to be put to death(wajib-ul-qatal) in the eyes of all
scholars of Islam. There is no space left for any kind of discussion on this topic, to converse how
is it possible by belief or not, since this issue has been sealed and stamped upon by everyone.
But this issue is solely political. England and other political powers of the west, wanted to divide
the Muslims, so they chose the illiterate Muslims of the sub-continent, as an easy target to carry
out their anti-muslim propaganda. But luckily all the Muslims of sub-continent, despite their
small and petty differences, paid special attention to this most fundamental issue. Because if
this issue of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat is made questionable, the very roots of Islam itself become
shaken. Because the whole structure of Islam is standing upon the Prophethood of Muhammad,
pbuh. So if this issue is made debatable, it makes the very foundations of Islam unstable. So as in
those times false prophets were being sent, you can see that even today this propaganda is
carried out in shape of cartoons of Muhammad, pbuh, being published and the Holy Quran
being dishonored, and this matter even now…
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
... is a link of that chain (of propaganda).
Maulana Mohammad Amin Shaheedi:
Absolutely it is a link of the same chain of events and propaganda by the West, with the sole
objective of dividing the Muslim Ummah. The need of time today, is that all the muslims
anywhere around the world, believing strongly in “La ilahha illallah, Muhammdur Rasool Allah”,
they should join hands upon this Kalima of Unity, against all those forces who are attacking the
foundations of Islam. So I believe we are very lucky to be a part of this age when all the different
sects of Islam, came together to protect the fundamental issue of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat .
T r a n s c r i p t o f A a l i m O n l i n e
A i r e d o n G E O T V : 0 9 . 0 7 . 0 8
Page | 12 of 12
Here I would like to name Mufti Jafar Hussain and Maulana Ali Ghazanfar Kararvi , who were the
two respected scholars of the Shia Sect who played a big part in bringing the Aalims of other
sects like Deobandi and Barelviat, to tear down and and bring to its end this ‘fitna’. It’s the fruit
of their struggle that we see today in Pakistan such love for Nabuwwat and Hazrat Muhammad
PBUH filled in hearts of all Muslims.
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Host:
Mashallah. Alhamdolliah. Alhamdolliah. I am very grateful to you, Maulana Mohammad Ameen
Sahib, and to you, Maulana Mohammad Amin Shaheedi Sahib, for coming to Aalim Online.
My dear viewers, with this conversation we have reached the end of todays Aalim Online.
Whenever there will be any discussion about Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Khatm-e-Nabuwwat, of the
great names which Shaheedi Sahab and Maulana Ameen Sahab mentioned, but one name will
always mentioned who safeguarded the Khatm-e-Nabuwwat movement. And people will
remember that man, who would begin his sermon after the prayer of Isha, and continue it until
Fajr, and the audience remained so indulged in his words trying to pick pearls of wisdom from
him, Ameer-e-Shariat Hadhrat Maulana Ata ullah Shah Bukhari. From his speech, I am
presenting an extract and on that note our discussion will end. He says: “one side of the picture
is that such weaknesses and bad-habits were present in Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. His
features were not symmetric. No ratio was found in is height and build. He was a funeral of
manners, death of character. He never used to speak the truth, was not upright in daily-life
matters, was not true to his words, was a coward. His speech and writings are such that make
one nauseate upon reading them. But I ask you that even if he did not have any of those
weakness, even if he would have been the symbol of beauty and smartness, if he was steadfast,
had a chest of 45 inches , with such a slim waist that even CID (police) could not discover it (a
cheap comment), and also if he would have been brave, man who would stand his ground, a
glowing face of character and a dear one of the family. Even if he was a poet , Firdausi of his
time, such that Abulfazl, Khayyam and Ghalib would have been his servants and at his disposal,
and even if he was the Shakespeare of English and Abul Kalam of Urdu. And then if he would
have claimed prophethood would we then have accepted him as a Prophet? I say that even if
Sayedna Ali raziAllah ho ta’ala anho or Hazrat Abu Bakr or Hazrat farooq-e-Azam(Hazrat Umer)
or Hazrat Usman Ghani would have claimed prophethood, would then Bukhari have accepted
them as prophets? No and never. After Hazrat Muhammad there is no person in this universe
who can sit on the throne of Prophethood and on whose head the crown of risaalat (messenger)
and imamat (prophethood) would take pride.
With this extract, (recites Darood). From Aalim Online, please excuse Aamir Liaquat. We will
meet again at seher (morning) inshaAllah. Take care, Allah hafiz.



Abdul Latif Cheema welcome the news about 25 Qadianis embraced islam on sep*16 in Nankana sahib near Lahore Pakistan.after the death of Muhammad malik who was killed by qadianis

News have come in from Nankana Sahib village 7 Gaaf Baay that 25 Qadianis left Qadiani jamaat false prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and embraced Islam accepted Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) as last Prophet on sep-16,2008. These kind reports are coming from others areas too. The method which used by qadiani to trick Muslim in to qadiani culture is failing.
People around the Nankana Sabah are saying that all this happened because Shahadat of Muhammad Maalik who was killed few days before in Nankana Sabah village 4 Gaaf Baay

Qadianis killed Muhammad Maalik on sep-11,2008 when he was going home after Namaz-e- Taraveeh. According To Fir No 618/08 report Muhammad Butta father of Muhammad Maalik said that his son was watching Activates of Qadianis in his village after seeing this Maalik and other community member started pasting the poster about the beloved Prophet and about Khatm-e-Nabuwat in village.

Qadiani Doctor Asghar and his two sons Khahlid and Nadeem with other Qadianis came with the weapons and started tearing the poster used disgusting comments on our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)used highly obscene words and said that Mirza Ghlum Ahmad is last prophet naouzbila than they physical threaten Mohammad Maalik and other Muslims. Mohammad Maalik after this incident did not took Law in his own hand instead he went to Police station and filed FIR 351/08 according to Article 295-C Toheen-e-Risalat. He was actively pursuing this case .Police and Qadianis used every method to disturb the case. But the love of Prophet (s.a.w)did not stop him. It’s to be noted that SHO Syed Raza Kar shah of Police station and investigator police officer Munawar Hussain took 5 Lakh rupees to destroy the case and did not pursuit Fir Article(295-C).

Mohammad Maalik told DPO in front of several people that SHO with the Qadianis trying to kill him if any thing happened to his life Qadianis will be responsible for his death. But sadly after all the effort of Maalik his voice went to deaf ears. The collaboration between Qadianis and Police his case was hanged and went no wear, The understanding between Qadianis and Police sadly after the namaz-e-Taraveeh Maalik was going home with his brother Suddenly two motorbikes without number plates pulled in front of them 4 Qadianis Nadeem S/O Asghar Ali ,Rana Iftikhar S/O Yaseen , Rashid S/O Sarwar and Ishrat shah S/O Touwakal Majeed shah and with other 3 criminal they threaten them to stop or they will kill them. One Qadiani killer Nadeem said to Maalik and his brother we will teach you a lesson for filing 295-C Against us the Qadiani Ishrat shah fire 12BOOR Rifle in to the Maalik right side face he fell down injured and then Qadiani Nadeem fired 12BOOR and shot him in the face and neck which took his life. Father of Shaheed Mohammad Buuta filed Fir No 618/08 article (302/148/149)
Mohammad Buuta Father of Shaheed Mohammad Maalik said that his son filed Fir article 295-C Toheen-e-Risalat against the Qadianis that is the reason his son was killed. He requested to the Government to provide him with justice. The slogan of Qadianis (LOVE FOR ALL HATED FOR NON)is simply a lie. As they claim that the persecution of Qadianis is happening in Pakistan to Human Right Org just to get Political financial assistant and asylum in Europe and other country. Actually truth is that they are not prosecuted as the claim actually they are prosecutor of Muslim the shahadat of Mohammad Maalik speaks by its self

Just to cam down Peoples Emotions Police have arrested only Investigator Officer Munwar Hussain. But main killer are still on lose with help of Police. That shows how powerful Qadianis lobby is in Pakistan

Syed Rameez Ahmad
Media In charge
Ahrar Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Office


Abdul Latif Khalid Cheema
Secretary General of Majlis-e-Ahrar-e-Islam, (Pakistan)
I would like to draw your learned readers about the slogan “LOVE FOR ALL HATED FOR NONE”. This slogan is repeated by Qadianis (Ahmadis) Jamat .Lets examine an incident, which took place in Nankana Sahib near Lahore. A Muslim by the name Muhammad Maalik was killed by Ahmadis on Sep-11 after Namaz-e-Traveeh. He was complainant in case for Article 295-C
This case was filed against Qadianis (Ahmadis) according to law. Qadianis (Ahmadis) gave 5 Lack rupees in bribes to police. They and police did not want Maalik to pursue this case. This was the reason he was killed. Police and some people in the establishment are protecting those killers instead of bringing them to justice. This collaboration between the police and Qadianis is bringing the situation of volatility. I request that those killers should be arrested immediately or else situation could go out of control in Nankana Sahib. Police and Qadianis will responsible for this situation.
I would like to aware people about MTA (Qadianis religious channel) which is promoting false prophet hood of Qadianis and their preaching which is totally against the true soul of Islam .I would also like to request the government that the transmission MTA and other electronic Medias including print media of Qadianis should be strictly restricted.