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I just want to talk and discuss about Islam and other non Islamic organisations like Ahmadis/Qadianis who portrayed them in a guise of Muslims to deceive and betray all human society as its a well known fact their forefather who claimed to be their prophet was planted by British in subcontinent to uproot soul of JIHAD From Muslims . Jews are Jews , Christians are Christian ,Hindus are Hindus so should be Qadianis (Non Muslims) My aim is to discuss Islam with any Muslim or Non Muslim who want to talk and want to know the reality of Islam. that's it ! Let Me welcome all of you interested with good faith . 

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

  Qadianism: Isn’t A Sect ,Its A Religon .

  Qadianism: Isn’t A Sect ,Its A Religon .
An intrview of M.Q,M’s chief Altaf Hussain is a subject of discussions in newspapers ,and differnt religious groups are severely critising it . Due to different reasons ,Qadiani’s issue is very sensitive among religious circles.In this regard, lenient view isn’t acceptable generally in people and religious groups..This isn’t just about traditional ,religious groups but modern educated people’s sentiments aren’t also different from traditional religious circles..Philospher of Pakistan,Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal in his historical correspondence with Pundit Jwaher Laal Nehro rejected severaly Qadiani’s faith and philosphy ,which is not different from any well known traditional religious figure’s view.
One friend of mine told me about afore mentioned interview of Altaf Hussain,alhough Altaf Hussain said,he has read Qadiani’s literature,but we think he said so in courtesy,if he had read ,would have over looked century old Qadiani Muslims conflict ,or at least had a knowledge about Allama Muhaamd Iqbal’s view and sentiments,he woudn’t have gone to such an extent to favour Qadiani’s.We think Altaf Hussain has some misconceptions regarding current scenario of Muslim Qadiani conflict.At the moment, we are going to eliminate those misconceptions with the hope and request that Altaf and his followers would think seriously to review their stance.Like many others,Altaf Hussain is victim of misconception that this is some sort of sectarian issue,exploted by religious ,hard core Maulvis,however this isn’t true.
According to Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s quotation,Qadianis religion with the new title of Prophethood,is diverting UMMAT’S centre, due to revealation ,it becomes compulsory to follow Prophet,and then there’s no more previous subjugation.Mirza Ghulam Ahmad made same claim that as he gets revealation ,therfore he should be followed.According to him no one could be Muslim unless have faith in him,thats why Qadiani cult’s people consider 1.5 Billion Muslims out of Islam’s fold,whereas Muslim’s different sects hold are absoloutely diiferent in this view.To whatever extent they disagree but their center of faith is Prophet Muhammad(Upon whom be peace and blessings),and they present their reference from him(Upon whom be peace and blessings).Contrary to this,Qadiani’s have reference of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad,and they present them on the base of revealtion,thats why the centre of faiths and centre of prophethoods are different ,so both are the different religions.Thus Qadianis are not from the Muslim’s sects rather a parallell new reliigion.
Humble submission to Altaf is that rather to look Qadianis as Muslim’s sect ,need is to over look them ,the ones with new revealtion and new religion.For this have guidence from Iqbal,this misconception of him would soon evaporate.It appears as Altaf has this misconception too that Qadiani’s are some normal minority religious group,whose rights ar being violated by majority religious groups.So this is wrong too as since the creation of this country,Qadiani group is striving to get hold on regime ,to fulfill their wishes against majority.Despite many other things this isn’t acceptable too that a minority group can’t .conspire against majority to rule.
As former ruler Z.A.Bhutto said ,Qadainis want to have same status in Pakistan as Jews have in U.S.A that no policy
in the country could be framed against their will.As Altaf talks about democracy ,therefore he needs to review Bhutto’s stance about Qadainis,that they has been conspiracing against country to have rule.And Altaf is ignoring all this history
to support them.Altaf’s mind is over shadowed by miconception that to declare Qadiani’s a non Muslims minority was JUST a verdict of Pakistani MAULVIS,as Altaf disagree with MAULVIS on every issue ,hence ,deny this too,whereas reality
is something else.
Real Traditional view of Islamic scholars about Qadianis has been that they are apostates,and apostate has no right of life in Islamic rule,for this Pakistan’s first philospher of Islam Allama Shabbir Ahmads has written in “ As-Shahaab” . ...but Allama Iqbal suggested to accept them among Muslims aa non Muslim minority,to which all scholars agreed and rather to demand their killing ,pressed to declare them non Muslim minority,for which after a long struggle ,they were constitutionaly
declared non Muslim minority by elected Assembly of Pakistan in 1974. under the rule of Bhutto.Its humble submission to Altaf that to constituionaly declare Qadianis a non Muslims minority wasn not verdict of MAULVIS but was
that of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, elected constituional assemby of Pakistan and that of Bhutto and his party P.P.P.
Another misconception observed in Altaf’s interview is that verdict against Qadianis is only that of Pakistans MAULVIS,so
can’t digest this and he always looked furious on MAULVIS. But Qadianis are unanimously declred non Muslims all over the globe by authentic religiousn instituions and scholars.If have any doubt in this regard , could confirm through any religious institiuons,and shall receive same verdict.
Altaf’s misconceptive complaint that Qadianis human and civil rights are being violated isn’t correct as conflict is not this but question is , what rights ,do they have?.Because Qadianis aren’t ready to accept rights given to them by constituion of country.They regects,rights given to them as non Muslims and want to have rights that of Muslims ,which isn’t fair as is
against Islam and constituition.They don’t accept other as Muslims ,except themselves.Muslism of Pakistan unanimously declare them non Muslim..... so in such case,how their rights could be accepted as if they are some Muslim sect?
As far as rights being non Muslim minority are concerned ,religious cirlces haven’t ever denied them.I would like to remind Altaf that during Bhutto’s regime,Muffti Mehmood and Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani had been sitting in assembly
with one Qadiani minority member ,then how could today’s follower would deny right ,rights of Qadianis.Altaf said in interview that ,all this is happening against Iqbal’s stance but I will say that all is happening according to Iqbal’s view and will.Its request to Altaf that bring Qadianis ,upto Iqbal’s suggestion and stance ,I with full responsibilty reassure that will be with them for the restoration of their rights with honor ,according to Iqbals stance,Allahswilling..

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